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Make cooking protein meals easier, tastier with our fitness nutritionist recipes

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Our fitness nutritionists have designed a variety of meals that can increase your health, maximize fitness performance and help you manage your weight.

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We carefully source for fresh ingredients, portion into the right amounts that minimize food waste, pack into an insulated box and deliver to your doorstep.

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Follow a step-by-step recipe book and let the cooking begin! Get the right meals into your belly after a perfect workout session.

What's inside a Meal Kit?

We work with fitness nutritionists & chefs to design recipes for your cooking plans

Fitness recipes

Recipe books designed by our fitness nutritionists

Fresh ingredients

High quality fresh produce from local suppliers


Ingredients portioned for the right cooking needs

Delivery service

Keep your ingredients safe & fresh in a box

Select your plans

Select cooking plans

  • 2 per week

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  • 5 per week

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  • Body Building

  • Protein Maximizer

  • Weight Loss

  • Smoothie Pack

2x Plan$9.99$19.98
2 recipes/weekper servingweekly total
3x Plan$8.59$25.77
3 recipes/weekper servingweekly total
5x Plan$7.99$39.95
5 recipes/weekper servingweekly total

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Browse our curated fitness conscious recipes designed by our fitness nutritionists and chefs.

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Gain muscles, lose weigh, boost energy? Choose a recipe plans that fit your needs. Let us source fresh ingredients for your cooking plans.

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Simply order your cooking plans via Meal Kit Go app. We'll delivery your meal kit to your doorstep.

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Are you a fitness nutritionist or chef? We'd like to work with you, let's talk!

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